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TradOwise ≈ Transfer Funds from your MetaTrader to Wallet Print

Modified on: Mon, 18 Jul, 2022 at 6:50 PM

Would you like to know how to transfer your funds from MetaTrader to your Wallet?
Follow the below steps:

Click/tap on the Transfers tab

Click/tap on MetaTrader to Wallet in the Transfer Type section.

Select the Account you would like to use in the Transfer From section.

≈ Select the Wallet in the Transfer To section.

≈  Enter the amount to transfer. 

Please, make sure these funds are available in your account and that all your Trades have been closed before you request the transfer.

Click/tap on the Transfer button.


≈ Confirm the amount you are about to receive by clicking/tapping on the Transfer button. If you are transferring to a different currency account, a conversion will apply. 


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